Scientific studies have shown that the Mediterranean and Peloponnesian diet has proven health beneficial in reducing the risk of heart disease, lowering the risk of cancer and aiding in gastrointestinal functions. Combined with daily mild physical activity (such as walking and dancing) the diet also promotes longevity, health and beauty.


At Papadopoulion house of hospitality for seniors, all our meals and nutrition diet programs are based on our excellent local goods. Many products are produced within our lands and the rest are supplied by local farmers, fishermen and goods producers.  Each guest’s diet includes five meals daily.  All meals are prepared within our unit. The quality assurance of meals preparation is certified by the quality control mechanisms (HACCP) certifications.

Our daily menus are tailored made to the needs of our guests in our unit, according to our doctor’s recommendations and our nutritionist’s consultation.

Besides the meals that are included in your stay, our guests can follow our natural therapies of nutrition which are tailored to meet each guest’s unique health needs and goals.

They are inspired by the healthy Peloponnesian diet and its unique food products, which in combination with mild exercise and outdoor activities help the body relinquishing toxins build ups and re enforce a self healing process aiming to a healthier lifestyle even when you leave our center.

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