Kalamata is the second most populous city of the Peloponnese peninsula in Southern Greece and the largest city of the homonymous administrative region. It is one of the most fortunate cities in Greece, mostly thanks to its geographical position.

Situated at the apex of the crystal-blue Messinian Bay and at the foot of the imposing Mount Taygetos, it is idyllic for its inhabitants. It is also the most convenient and ideal base for all the tourists who want to explore the secret beauties and the cultural destinations of Messinia.


On the seaside of Kalamata ( 5 km length ), people can swim in crystal clear waters and enjoy marvelous beaches, which have been granted the Blue Flag award of quality. Along the seaside, there are several hotels, tavernas, ouzo restaurants, cafeterias, bars, clubs and, of course, a long-way promenade and bike path. The western beach with the city’s marina is connected to the city’s centre via a bicycle lane too.

Kalamata is one of the most modern cities in Greece, which offers its guests many types of entertainment, but there is also an intense activity around traditional culture. Each visitor should start his tour by the legendary Frankish castle of Geoffrey of Villeardouin, where the famous princess Isabella lived and it is also known as “Castle of Isabeau” .Next station is the Kalogreon nun-monastery, famous for the silk items woven by the nuns. Next in the list of the sights are Benakio Archaeological Museum, the Municipal Gallery ,the Archaeological Museum of Messinia and the Railway Park, one of the first theme parks of Greece.

You must not forget to visit the Metropolitan Cathedral of Kalamata, which is known by the name “Ipapanti tou Sotiros” and it is dedicated to the Presentation of the Lord at the Temple. The church celebrates on February the 2nd, when many thousands of believers from all over Greece come to pay their respects.

An event that you should not miss, if you visit the town during the summer, is the International Dance Festival, which has been continuously contributing to Greece’s artistic life for almost twenty years and has become an internationally recognized European Festival.

An evidence of the aristocratic past of Kalamata is the historical centre and the beautiful neoclassical buildings. It is also worth visiting The Othon square, which used to be the old central market and the Square of March 23, that took its name from the day of the liberation of the city from the Turks .In this church there is also the church of Agii Apostoli ,where, according to the tradition, the Revolution was declared and the first liturgy of the liberated Kalamata took place.
Taking a walk from the historical centre to the seaside Navarinou Avenue and the harbor, the visitor could relax and enjoy his free time at one of our modern hotels, restaurants, small bars, cafeterias and Greek traditional taverns, tasting our local and Μediterranean recipes.

It is not an exaggeration to admit that Kalamata is surely one of the most beautiful and most lively Greek cities!

Must-Do’s in Kalamata

Enjoy the fascinating beach.
Against the view of Mount Taygetos enjoy the blue sea of Messinian Bay at the famous beach of Kalamata.
See the historical centre of the town (walk the streets of the old town).
Savour traditional local tastes in the traditional taverns or relish a glass of cool locally-produced aniseed-flavoured ouzo, with mouth-watering delicacies (traditional Greek appetizers cooked with fresh green olive oil from Kalamata).
Take a walk at the city centre
Enjoy your coffee at the central square of the city.
Night life
Dine at the taverns of the beach and the marina, tasting local snacks and dishes prepared with fresh olive oil from Kalamata. Continue your night out with a drink at the bars located at the beach and at Verga, where you may enjoy the view of the city at your feet from the upper parts of the slope.
Rent a bicycle and cycle around the city on the new cycling path, starting from the historical centre all the way to the beautiful beachside.

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